How does the Senior Model Program work?


Our senior models are the backbone of our high school senior business and we are honored to have so many that love being part of this incredible group of students!

As a senior model, you have access to gift your friends free sessions all while earning credits toward products you love!  If you want to work with an International Award Winning Senior Photographer, look no further.  Not only will you have an amazing experience, we'll create images you love for years to come!

Here are the details!

  • Be photographed before June 1st & session fee is waved
  • Share your images & experience with your friends
  • Schedule your friends session
  • View & order your images before June 31st
  • Refer 2018 seniors and save money on your order

If you're ready to be part of the Kristopher Lindsay Model Program, contact us today and let us know what Session you'd like, schedule your model consultation and learn more!